About Us

Neptune Ice Rods was officially formed in February 2016 by Jon and Philip Mathwig. Four years ago, 30 years since the father and son photo was taken by the local news paper, we were again on the ice when I asked Phil “why are ice rod handles straight and wouldn’t it be ergonomically correct to angle the handle to the wrist’s and forearm’s neutral position?”

Well that’s when Neptune was conceived and after numerous designs, materials, and prototypes and of course hands on ice fishing trials here we are making them for you. We take great pride in being a Wisconsin manufacturing and assembly company making quality ice fishing rods for our best friends – Ice Fishermen and Women.

We firmly believe you will enjoy the dramatically reduced wrist and forearm fatigue and feel the unique comfort, increased power and superior control a Neptune Ice Rod delivers throughout your ice fishing experiences.

All of our rods come with a lifetime guarantee (if it breaks – we replace it). Our goal is to have every customer thoroughly satisfied with our products and recognize Neptune as a brand of high quality at a price everyone can afford.

If you ever have any questions, concerns or comments regarding our rods and reels be sure to contact us directly.

Have fun, enjoy life, stay safe and we hope to meet you on the ice using Neptune’s and catching the Big Ones!

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